Monday, February 18, 2013

Pet Peeve: Songs With Unnecessary F-bombs

I enjoy music. I don't really have a favorite genre, and the shuffle button on my iPod is my close friend. For those reasons, I often listen to and enjoy music with "swear words" in it, which is fine. I'm a 21 year old man, so I'm legally allowed to do anything I want except maybe rent a car in certain states (take that, mom!). But I don't like a song just because it has profanity, nor do I listen to it specifically so I can hear a bad word. I'd like to think that people listen to music because the lyrics mean something, or because the beat sounds nice, or because the dub is really steppy (still not sure I get that genre).

But what always baffles me is when there is a song that's got a good sound, nice lyrics, and a single, inappropriately placed F-bomb. NOTE: All linked songs have had their f-bombs edited over.

Like this song (who the *expletive* wants to die alone):

And this one (read between the lines, what's *not really muffed* up):

This one too (she could see from my face that I was *not really flying* high ):

And let's not forget this one either (them mother *expletive*s don't know how to act):

Clearly we have a bit of an epidemic on our hands. All of these songs are good without their unnecessary, often problematic profanities. I can't think of anyone who listens to the edited version of these songs and thinks "y'know what this is missing? One F-bomb. Just one." I still would have known that James Blunt's fleeting encounter with a beautiful woman was sad without understanding to what extent he was visibly high. And what's wrong with J.T. saying that the "other boys" don't know how to act, which is what he says every single other time except one?!

I would really like to not have to worry about profanities hurtling at me without warning like that potato that almost blinded Almanzo Wilder, especially while I'm riding in the car with my younger siblings or other impressionable youth.

Not sure if you caught it back there, but I totally just made a Farmer Boy reference. It was awesome.
So, music industry, stop putting f-bombs into songs that don't need them, just for the sake of having them. It's very annoying, partly because they don't make sense in the song, and also because iTunes doesn't really do edited versions of those songs so I'm stuck with it unless I download it illegally. It's a big hassle.

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