Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Peeve: Mismatched Actors Names on Movie Posters

This one can really drive me off the wall. So you're looking at a movie poster, or the cover of a DVD or something, and you see a picture of two or more actors who are in the movie you're staring at. Then, you look directly above them, and see the names of these actors. But the names aren't directly above the actor to which they correspond, and are instead on the other guy. Like so:

I think they were both in the Star Wars prequels, too. One was Padme, the other was JarJar Binks.
Now, it isn't too much of a problem when it's two famous people that are clearly quite different. But what if there were more people, with more similarities?

Morgan Freeman's shirt is made out of his own hair in this picture.
It starts to get more and more complicated, but still not a hassle if you have a vague knowledge of famous people. But still, couldn't the movie industry, which spends millions of dollars on advertising just take a little time and put the right names in the right places? Especially when it gets complicated:

Jeremy Irons: murdered his brother in a G-rated movie. The Lion King.
 Seriously?! There are eight people on this poster, seven of whom are wearing suits, nine names, and none of them are even kind of matched with the order the people are shot in. That gets confusing for anyone. All I'm asking is for a little bit of time and a minimal amount of effort to be put into something that should not even be an issue in the first place. It doesn't seem that hard. Just look at how well the Bucket List did it:

The sunglasses hide Jack Nicholson's evil, evil eyes.

P.S. Most of these images were initially noticed (and then later used by me) on a recent article which, when I noticed the naming mismatch, fueled my unbridled rage.

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